Our Vision

Our Vision

People. Promises. Performance.

That’s what we’re all about at Pearl Companies. And you can’t have a culture without the vision to ensure it stands and continues to grow. For all the people at Pearl, our vision is rooted in our beliefs, mission, values, and pillars. They all work together to give us purpose and help us serve our clients with pride.

At Pearl Companies, we seek to be the premier and trusted partner of choice, providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

  • We believe… hard work and strategy are necessary for success, but those attributes alone still leave us vulnerable to competitors who also work hard and have good strategies. Values and principles shape organizations. Our strategies should always revolve around our core values and principles.
  • We believe… in growing our people as fast as our assets. It is our people who will facilitate our growth. We strive to hire extremely passionate people and we play to win. We also believe in having fun in the process!
  • We believe… we must continue to find new ways to be vital to our clients. We must be relentlessly committed to continually exceed their expectations.
  • We believe… in continually evolving our organization and that success comes through innovation and change. We will continually explain the purpose and benefit of specific changes in order to improve the knowledge and skill level of every individual and our interaction with our clients.
  • We believe… in focusing every team member on key activities that yield the highest return, as well as on those activities—and client relationships—over which we have control… what we focus on will grow.
  • We believe… in building and growing a profitable, top-performing, cutting-edge company with outstanding customer service, the best relationships, and leadership in the community, as well as grooming the best people in a sought-after work environment.

Our Mission

We earn customer and employee loyalty by working hard, working smart, and working together. These philosophies help us continually grow our world-class products and provide superior professional and personal service.

Our Values

We Value People.

  • We trust and respect each other.
  • We provide coaching and feedback.

We Act with Integrity.

We Value Innovation.

  • We are technically savvy.
  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We take calculated risks.

We Work as One Team.

We Strive for Excellence.

  • We have a passion for action and results.